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Film Review – Date Night

So, I know this really doesn’t fit with the content of the site on a whole, but I have to say that given the opportunity, I would lick the pillow that Tina Fey drooled onto after falling into a food induced coma. I have had a mad geek-crush on that woman since before most people knew who the hell I was talking about. I thought she was hot back when she was on SNL and nobody knew who she was because nobody was watching SNL. I sat through Mean Girls because of Tina Fey. Yes, I am that pathetic. But at least I admit it. That mitigates the overwhelming sadness. It’s like when a chess-playing robot becomes self-aware and strangles it’s programmer.

But with that little intro out of the way  I can move onto the movie and say that my love of Tina Fey is probably the only reason I liked the movie at all. Its really kind of middle of the road, only elevated by Fey’s charm and Steve Carrell’s commitment to being Steve Carrell for an hour and a half on screen. The jokes are not that great, but seeing them delivered by two of the best actors on TV at the moment elevates them from mediocre to a level just below great. The cameos by James Franco, Mark Wahlberg, Ray Liotta, and others are welcome and its obvious they took the job just to enjoy themselves for a few weeks and not have to do any real heavy lifting, as their occupying the roles pretty much gets the laughs on concept.

All in all, this movie did nothing to hinder my creepy affections for Tina Fey, and there are far worse ways to waste a few hours.

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