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BATWOMAN Ongoing Moving Forward with J.H. Williams III


According to DC’s THE SOURCE the previously announced Batwoman series that would have been written by Greg Rucka before his exodus from the company, will be moving forward with Detective Comics artist J.H. Williams III taking on the writing duties as well as doing the art for the book. This gives me a lot of hope for a decent book as I have a feeling that Williams will probably be working off notes left on Rucka’s drawing board when he was still planning to write the series.

This is good news as it proves that DC has enough faith in the character that she can sustain a book without it being part of an established series and also that she’s a strong enough entity that one writer can leave the book and the fans will still remain on board. They’re playing it safe by keeping the Eiser award nominated artist on board, but this is a step in the right direction after rumblings that the series would be put on the shelf without Rucka to steer the boat.

All of this ties into my general attitude toward mainline comic companies and their seemingly strict inability to get new characters to stick around in any real capacity of their own, instead giving up on them and relegating them to team books that have only a marginally higher readership than the new hero’s cancelled title (Blue Beetle anybody?). I figure with Batwoman, the hype she got even before she showed up as well as the fact that she has bat-family ties, makes her sort of bulletproof in the eyes of editorial, and so she’s safe by virtue of circumstance. I’ll take that victory in whatever way I can.

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