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Mortal Kombat : WTF

This has been floating around the ‘net today and nobody really knows EXACTLY what it’s for. A demo reel for a new film, a lead-in to a new game, something produced just to mess with the fans…

All I know is it’s slick, stylish, it’s off the wall and I would not mind seeing more of Black Dynamite as Jax and Seven of Nine as Sonya.

That is all.

Spider-Man Reboot : Could We Have A Peter Parker?

That guy there could be Peter Parker if reports are to be believed. A bunch of people are saying that Jamie Bell, best known for his role in Billy Elliot back in 2000 is the frontrunner for the role of Peter Parker in the re-boot of Spider-Man brewing over at Sony.

What do I think of all this?

I don’t care.

The guy apparently has some talent, and he’s also cast as TINTIN in the film adaptation of that European comic favorite, so if he gets this role, expect to see him everywhere. But really I don’t have much faith in the film at all, despite a talented director because I think that I’m no longer in the target audience for what they’re trying to do with the property.

You see, they’re setting this one in high school and it’s looking like an attempt to sway the Twilight tweens over to the Marvel universe through angsty high-school drama. That sort of stuff I can deal with on paper, but when you get it on film it just seems to turn me off. And I think it’s because the short difference between when I was in high school and the way high school is now has created an entirely different sort of culture. Part of my high school experience, albeit a short part, happened before 9/11. When I was in high school there was no developed social media beyond maybe Livejournal or Blogger. Xanga? I can’t remember.

I just don’t relate to that age bracket anymore and putting Peter Parker back there and trying to make him fit into the modern high-school landscape just doesn’t get me excited. Like I’ve said, there seems to be a wealth of talent involved but the premise just does nothing for me. It’s like putting a steak in front of a vegan. They’re not going to bite.