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Wonder Woman Gets A New Costume

Ladies and Gentlemen, The 90's Have Returned

So, Jim Lee apparently designed this new look for Wonder Woman, which is essentially a cross between 90’s Superboy, Black Canary and Wonder Girl. I will say that Wonder Woman has been needing a redesign for a long, LONG time, but I’m not sure if adding a leather jacket and a choker is the sort of thing I had in mind. I mean, isn’t she supposed to be a princess from a mythical island paradise? Does leather jacket and choker scream royalty to anyone? It’s like they wanted to replace “your highness” with “yes, mistress.” Which, as anyone who has seen my multiple bondage-themed posts knows I wouldn’t have a problem with, especially given Diana’s s&m filled background, however there seems to be a tone clash with what I know about the modern Wonder Woman and her place in the DCU versus her essentially looking here like Black Canary switched places with Diana. Dinanah Prance is what I will call her. Because I can mash up words with the best of them.

This simply reminds me of a friend who always referred to the Catwoman redesign from a few years back that he claimed to be under the direction of Jim Lee. In reality that was a Darwyn Cooke design. I informed him that Jim Lee, capable artist that he may be, couldn’t have come up with such an effective, utilitarian costume if he’d had a Liefeld gun to his head. The way the whip wrapped around her waistline to double as a belt was a tiny stylistic touch that seemed like something that had real-world value. Jim Lee designs are all about flair and style. Hence, leather jacket + choker.

At least they gave her some pants. I mean, come on. You know she’s been wanting to wear pants since she passed a pair of blue jeans in a window the first day she got off of the island.

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