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Book Review – “Suck It Wonder Woman” by Olivia Munn

Olivia Munn Wrote Stuff And I Read It

I doubt that there will be many people picking up Olivia Munn’s book without knowing who she is. I’d dare say that 90% of the sales on this particular book will be comprised entirely of her already established fanbase. Olivia Munn is lucky then that her fanbase seems to be a pretty big one. It’s not like her Playboy issue, which had the Playboy regulars as well as her fans picking it up. This book doesn’t feature a whole lot of pictures of Ms. Munn sexily posed in minimal clothing. In fact, most of this book is filled with words. Words compiled into sentences, in fact, which form paragraphs and whatnot.

The big question here, aside from why there aren’t more pictures, is whether the book is any good or not. Well, let’s get it out of the way early when I say that there’s not any over-arching flow to the writing. It doesn’t move in linear fashion, it tells stories jumping back and forth across Olivia’s career. Some are short, some are long, some are laugh-out-loud funny and some are a little more dramatic. The book on a whole is a quick read and Olivia never loses her voice, part of what makes her such a beloved geek empress. Olivia has made her bones on the fact that she’s a normal gal who happens to be a geek who has a sort of “aw, shucks” attitude about the fact that she’s really quite a gorgeous woman. Throughout the course of the book, she never makes you feel like any of that isn’t 100% genuine. She’s as endearing as ever, in her casually blunt sort of way. I know some people may be turned off by her casual approach to…well, everything, but I found it refreshing. She’s like what Megan Fox wishes she could be. Down-to-earth and blunt but without the sleaze and apparent obliviousness to their own demeanor.

What I liked about the book was that Olivia basically made a point to say that she is more than a pretty face, and that she has something to offer other than her sexuality, while still being able to play up the fact that everyone wants to oogle her assets. The inside of the dust jacket is a secksi pinup shot of Ms. Munn in a nautical themed setup with a tagline reading “Hey Sailors…” which pretty much plays to every bit of cliched and yet somehow awesome throwback sexiness that Olivia does so well. The pages of the book have little graphics of Olivia in the corner that turn into a flip book of her doing a cute little dance. Let’s face it, she knows her audience and gives them what they want while providing them with proof that that’s not all that there is to love about her.

The truth is, I think just about anybody could find something to love about Olivia’s book if they gave it the chance. As a Hollywood tell-all with the names removed, its an interesting insight. As a geek manifesto it works on several levels. And if nothing else, maybe in a few years it can be taught in women’s lit classes as an alternative to Emily Bronte, who never wrote anything remotely interesting while Olivia Munn talks about using a fast food wrapper to turn a doorknob covered in man cum. So, yeah, suck it Emily Bronte.

And now, here’s a bunch of hot pictures of Olivia Munn, in an attempt to pad out the rest of this article.

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