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Regarding That Green Lantern Costume…

Leaping leprechauns, that thing looks stupid.

Look, I’m not some hyperventilating fanboy who is going to spit about how they got the costume wrong. I figured they were going to change it for the film version, in fact I was kind of hoping they’d go drastic as the way it’s drawn it can come off a little hokey. But the veiny musculature of the costume just looks wrong on every level. It seems like there’s too much movement on the design and it’s a still image I’m gathering that from. It really needs something to break up the green and I’m thinking that maybe the white gloves might have helped. Or even just some black trim.

I’m hoping that this will look better in motion. It seems like something that I have to see in motion to give a 100% clear yay or nay vote on, but let’s be honest. He looks like someone peeled his skin off and revealed a glowy irradiated musculature. It doesn’t look like the uniform of an inter-stellar space cop. The form does not fit the function, as far as I can tell.

Still not as bad as Steel’s costume. Remember that shit?

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