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On Spider-Man Casting…

Yesterday the news broke that Martin Sheen would be stepping up to the plate and playing Uncle Ben in the relaunched Spider-Man film series. This was quickly followed up by the news that Sally Field could be playing Aunt May. (Which makes me dream of Burt Reynolds playing J. Jonah Jameson)

All of this leads me to believe that this reboot might be striving to have a respectable pedigree in the hopes of making people forget the previous incarnation. Certainly Andrew Garfield is on the rise following his role in The Social Network, and Emma Stone seems to be the new it-girl when it comes to the young female talent circle. Director Marc Webb is well-liked following his impressive outing with 500 Days of Summer. All of this seems to be congealing into a production that mirrors, say, Captain America where the cast is almost universally liked and has a competent team helming the ship. The only hurdle the movie will have now is getting people to ignore the last three films. I’m already ignoring number three, so we’re off to a good start I suppose.

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