Unilaterally Sarcastic, Dangerously Cheesy

Welcome To December

Hey guys, I know I’ve been away for a while what with the Holidays and all, and I know you probably were wondering if I’d even be bothering to come back at all but the truth is that while I’ve been away I’ve been planning big things for the upcoming one-year anniversary of the site’s launch. Right now, as you’ve likely noticed, we’re being hosted on WordPress.Com and while it is a decent enough host, we’re going to hopefully be getting our own server with a more customizeable interface sometime in the near future. I’ve been looking into the best options and feel like I may be able to make a switch soon. What is not apparent at the moment will be whether I can import what’s currently hosted onto the site into the new server. Signs point towards “no” at the moment, so it will almost be like starting over from scratch, which will seem a bit jarring considering how much work I’ve actually put into the site this year.

Next year will definitely bring changes, as we’re hoping to get a bi-weekly web-comic segment added to the site, as well as adding at least one new staff writer to the mix. Hopefully this goes off smoother than I’m anticipating. Anyhow, the regular update schedule will resume tomorrow. I’ll have the reviews up then. The shipping schedule being off this week doesn’t help our kickstart but that’s just the way things are.

Here’s to another year of my rambling nonsense!

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