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Happy Birthday Ozzy Osbourne!

Happy Birthday Ozzy!

I know we’re a comics website, but I personally am a big rock n’ roll nerd and one of my favorite performers of all time is and always will be Ozzy Osbourne. The guy has crafted a persona that resonates with metal fans in a way that most artists could only dream of. While I still prefer the Dio (R.I.P.) lineup of Sabbath over Ozzy’s, Osbourne’s solo career has in and of itself been spectacular.

Not to mention the fact that the guy is entertaining as all hell even when he’s not on stage. I fully admit that I watched The Osbournes when it first came on a few years back. That stuff was pure gold. I’m sure a good deal of it was staged, but there were some genuine Ozzy moments that nobody could have scripted. It was just pure Ozzy.

Anyhow, its Mr. Osbourne’s birthday today and we thought we’d throw up this tribute to remind people that I’m not all about comic books and gratuitous bondage references.

And here’s the video for the song “Scream” off his latest album. (How effing scary is spider-ozzy?)

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