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The Great Comics Con Queso Star Wars Expanded Universe Reading Experiment – Entry # 2 : Republic Commando – Hard Contact

I decided earlier this year that I would make a genuine attempt to work my way through the bulk of the Star Wars expanded universe novels in chronological order. They keep adding entries just about every other week so I’m sticking to the more well known and respected works. I started off with Rogue Planet which was actually a pretty good start though I admittedly thought it had too much of a tether to Episode I.

With the Republic Commando series I had a little more hope for excellence based off of a friend’s recommendation as well as the fact that I’m a bigger fan of the Clone Wars series than I really expected to be and thought that era of the mythos was really ripe for exploration.

What I didn’t expect was for this particular novel to be a fine read in its own right, essentially bypassing whatever negatives are brought to the table in the form of being a “Star Wars” novel. This one has the good fortune of being an excellent military adventure story before adding in the sci-fi element. That mirrors the things that made the original film so much fun in that it utilized the best parts of several genres to form something different.

Now, looking at it from the perspective as a Star Wars novel, it’s equally compelling in how well it succeeds. It can sometimes be hard to care about characters that get too far outside the established main characters of the film franchise, especially when you know that most of the jedi wind up dead by the end of Episode III. This novel gives us a young female padawan who doesn’t annoy the spit out of me the way that Asoka does in the Clone Wars show. It also does an excellent job of making clone soldiers interesting and diverse despite the fact that they are…well, clones.

I have high hopes for the second entry in the series. Expect that review to pop up soon enough as well.

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