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Wizard Magazine Says Goodbye?

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In what amounts to being surprising in no real way whatsoever, multiple folks across the web are reporting that Wizard Magazine is apparently ceasing publication in print format. There have been some rumblings of the brand remaining open in the form of its website, if only to give some sort of branding livelihood to the conventions which apparently will continue to be held. Toyfare apparently will continue as a magazine entity as well. The overall feeling across the ‘net in regards to this announcement has mostly been one of empathy toward the employees who are now out of a job and a bit of head shaking due to the fact that this has been the only possible outcome for a while now. Wizard hasn’t “broken” an exclusive story in years and news travels so fast directly from the horse’s mouth on social networking sites like Twitter and on the message boards of CBR and other noted websites that the magazine was made redundant quite some time ago. The only reason people bought that magazine in the last few months was due to the price guide, and I can verify that easily simply because when they removed the guide for a few months last year people stopped buying the damn thing entirely.

If Wizard wants to remain relevant I can say that their best bet is by an online database/price guide that updated on a weekly or dare I say daily basis. I can guarantee that alone would justify their existence to a majority of the comic reading populus. We don’t need padded and trite Q&A interviews with Megan Fox but we would like to know if we’re getting a fair market price for a first printing of Morning Glories. That’s just the truth.

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