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The Great Comics Con Queso Star Wars Expanded Universe Reading Experiment – Entry # 5 : Republic Commando – Order 66

The Clone Wars come to an end in this book and it feels like I’ve been there for the entirety of the campaign. The timeline of this series is not overly extended when put in perspective but the amount of story that has been crammed into four books is astounding. I’ve said before that the books get better with each passing installment due to the emotional investment put into the characters over the course of the story and while I think that True Colors is my favorite of the series, Order 66 has to be one of the most satisfying payoffs for a story I have ever read. It’s not a happy ending and there are a good deal of loose ends at the close of the book, but nevertheless it feels like everyone finds themselves at the place they needed to get to when the final page is turned.

Order 66 takes a while to get going, as the first few chapters made me feel like this book would be one long epilogue, with the story not so much being its own burden but instead only taking time to wrap up the threads of the previous books. Things change rapidly however and the standalone narrative of the book falls into place and moves forward with breakneck speed. There is not much in the way of filler in Order 66. There is a huge shift coming in the universe these characters occupy and author Karen Traviss propels us there faster than if we’d been shot out of a cannon. There is very little time given where we can catch our breath. The tension in this final installment is simply amazing and I cannot praise the construction of the novel enough.

The next book on the reading schedule is the sole “Imperial Commando” novel entitled “501st” which picks up from here and marks the end of these character’s narratives for the time being as Traviss’ issues with her work being ignored during the production of the Clone Wars television series forced her to cancel the second book. Which is a shame because I could read about these characters forever, as I think they’re some of the best developed in the entirety of the license.

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