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Film Review – Drive Angry 3D

The Oscars are tonight, and if it were up to me  all the damned nominees would be disqualified and they’d give all the trophies to this movie. Because this shit was gold. It takes a lot of balls to make a film like this. It’s so stupid that brain cells die when you watch it. And all I can really say is that other films wish they could do bat-shit crazy as well as this film does. And you know what? It’s not all on the head of Nic Cage this time. There’s none of the manic insanity of his Bad Lieutenant style here. He plays the role fairly straight. Everybody does really. William Fichtner solidifies himself as one of the best character actors living today and steals every scene he’s in. He’s a damn revelation. He really should just be in every movie ever made.

The movie tanked this weekend, which I think was expected. But you really need to check this one out on the big screen with an audience. This movie works when you’ve got some enthusiastic people watching the insanity there with you. Honestly the 3D is never quite as impressive as it is in the first ten minutes, and after that it’s mostly an afterthought but it does add something fun to the proceedings in the same way 3D added to the lunacy of a film like Jaws 3D. It’s a gimmick but like last year’s Piranha it serves the film for the better this time around.

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