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The Great Comics Con Queso Star Wars Expanded Universe Reading Experiment – Entry # 7 : Death Star

There is a danger in writing a book like this. In 2007, 30 years after the release of A New Hope, author Michael Reaves fills us in on the story behind the space station of death that could at first be mistaken for a moon. Retroactive continuity is something that comic book fans have a love/hate relationship. Sometimes it gives us interesting storylines that fill in appropriate holes but other times we get The Sentry.

With Death Star, Reaves gives a day-to-day look at what life on the Empire’s final solution was like. We get the perspective of the TIE fighters, of Grand Moff Tarkin who oversaw it’s implementation, of the architect who helped oversee the construction and of the man tasked with pulling the trigger on Alderaan.

It’s a compelling read. I got through it in a day I was turning the pages so quickly. The first 3/4 of the book are prologue to what we see in the first film, and the last quarter deals with those events through the eyes of the people on the station. We learn things that were left out of the film. Such as the fact that Alderaan was not the first target that the Death Star destroyed. We get a better look at the mindset of the Imperial officers with regard to the Emperor and more so towards Darth Vader who at this point is a mystery to most of the military.

Definitely worth a read and a real welcome pick-me-up after feeling so bummed after reading Imperial Commando and getting saddled with a cliffhanger that’ll never see a resolution.

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