Unilaterally Sarcastic, Dangerously Cheesy

Shameless Book Plug Time

Yesterday was a big day for me because my second novel went to press. It’s a fantasy novel that evolved from my love of sword and sorcery books like Conan and I thought I’d stop by and put up an advertisement in the hopes that someone might pick it up. If you ever meet me I’ll be happy to sign it and if you don’t enjoy it you have permission to smack me on the head with it. That’s an offer that you’re not going to get from Stephen King.


“The Kingdom of Adacia has stood as the most powerful nation in the five known kingdoms for hundreds of years. King Jordan, last of the Redwood line is fighting an insurgency within his own borders as machinations are made toward… war in the neighboring Kaldorian Realms under the despotic Lord Wren. Lord Marcus Lanham, steward of the Southern region of Saxet and chief of war finds himself leading the Adacian army against a foe who wields the power of the lost magicks against him. In the darkest days of a new sort of war, can Marcus adapt to keep the Kingdom secure?”

Anyway, please give the book a shot. It’s discounted heavily right now because I’m trying to drum up some sales and interest. Thanks in advance to anyone who purchases a copy.

Buy The Hardcover Edition for $27.99
Buy The Paperback Edition for $19.99


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