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New Dark Knight Rises Trailer…Rises

This trailer is expected to hit in front ofThe Avengers on Friday but it hit the net unexpectedly this morning. I will say that it gives us some more snippets of what to expect but all in all I’m still pretty blind as to what sort of turn this film is going to take when it finally hits theaters. It hints that Bane really does break the Bat the way he did in Knightfall and that we may be getting a sort of absolute finale for the Batman character when the credits roll. I know Christopher Nolan is an unconventional filmmaker to say the least so I don’t expect a simple resolution. Not by a long shot.


Christian Bale’s creepy beard thing here is destroying my psyche.

One response

  1. After watching the latest Dark Knight Rises trailer, I now know how teenage girls feel when they see Edward and his vampire buddies

    May 1, 2012 at 11:38 am

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