Unilaterally Sarcastic, Dangerously Cheesy


Back around the year 2000 I started seeing advertisements for the film Hannibal that would shortly be making its way to theaters. I was interested even though I had never seen Silence of the Lambs and found myself wanting to know more. This was in the beginning of my “annoying film nerd” phase and so I found copies of both Silence of the Lambs and Manhunter, the adaptation of Red Dragon directed by Michael Mann and got myself good and juiced for the new film.  I found many things to like about both of those films and so I did too with Hannibal, though I admit the overall product was lacking. I loved the music so much I bought the soundtrack. Ridley Scott did a good job adapting the novel for the most part, although the novel wasn’t all too great to begin with. I can say that this little period in my life inspired a trip down the rabbit hole of the psycho/manhunt subgenre. I found Henry : Portrait of a Serial Killer because of my searches. I give Hannibal Lecter a great deal of credit for pushing me toward other works of unsettling fiction and film.

So with this upcoming TV show I have to wonder how well it will perform. There has been something worthwhile about all the Hannibal adaptations thus far, aside from that horrid prequel that came out a few years back. But in a world where we have shows like Dexter, how much can this particular iteration of the cannibal doctor hold the public interest? Especially on network TV and not on a cable platform like Showtime, or even on FX or AMC.

These are questions the trailer does not answer. But watch for yourself and be the judge.

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