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Ellen Page in Talks For Film Adaptation of Greg Rucka’s QUEEN AND COUNTRY

rtnqncheadI am an unabashed fan of Greg Rucka. His comics work is peerless and his novels are some of my favorites. I’ve met him more than a few times, he’s signed countless books for me while I’ve gushed over his character work and picked his brain for writing tips. He’s one of the most honest writers you could ever hope to encounter as well as one of the most gracious. His perceived masterwork is Queen and Country, a comic series from Oni Press supplemented by a trio of prose novels following the hard-boiled covert operative Tara Chase. It because of Queen and Country that Rucka receives much of his praise for writing strong, fully-developed female characters that are such a rarity in not just comics but all forms of media. The book has been in a cycle of development hell at Fox studios since 2005.

Yesterday news broke that Ellen Page, she of Juno and Cisco networking television commercial fame, is in negotiations to star as Tara in a film adaptation of Rucka’s series. The words “franchise potential” seem to be getting thrown around a lot with regards to this news and while in a perfect world I would thank whatever deity that claimed responsibility for such a thing with whatever tribute he/she demanded, I am hesitant to grow excited about this news just yet. For one, I am not wholly convinced that Ellen Page, the spritely little Canadian, is the right choice to play a rough and tumble British secret agent. Casting for a film like this is extremely important, and the fact that the first thing I hear out of the gate is that they are trying to make a franchise for the star rather than focus on adapting the books faithfully with some sort of artistic through line bothers me just a little bit.

I remain optimistic about the film. Ellen Page is a wonderful actress and I’m sure she can pull it off. That’s why it’s called acting. What I truly want to know is what sort of people will be working on the script and who they’ll get behind the camera. I’m sure Page will lend a hand as a producer, that isn’t much of a stretch. So much of the film is simply an idea right now, which is why I’m reining myself in a little bit with regards to my feeling on the matter. This article is mainly a warning that when news does start to trickle in about Q&C in the future, I’ll be nitpicking it to hell and back because I’m a fan and I’m on the internet and that is the way of things.

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