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GI Joe Becoming Trilogy, Gains Writer of Mediocre Film

G.I. Joe : The Rise of Cobra
was a servicable film. It wasn’t the abomination everyone wants to make it out to be. G.I. Joe Retaliation isn’t much better. I guess someone thought that the third time must be the charm because Universal has tapped Snow White and the Huntsman scribe Evan Daugherty to write the third installment. Daugherty is riding high following his work adapting the forthcoming big screen adaptation of Divergent, which I swear to god I kept getting confused with Mortal Instruments because I just cannot tell these young adult film adaptations apart anymore. Tumblr has turned them all into one moody, color-corrected blur.

No word yet on who will be returning from the previous installments. Who knows what The Rock’s schedule will look like. I know they’re going to want him back because it was his presence alone that got butts into theaters for Retaliation. I mean, I went just to see RZA play Blind Master, because, c’mon that’s a trip, but the general moviegoing populace generated the rest of the $372 worldwide box office on the back of Dwayne Johnson’s glistening muscles and the shine of his winning smile.

And to pad out the rest of the article and generate page-views, here’s a bunch of photos of Adrianne Palicki who will hopefully be returning as Lady Jaye.

Adrianne Palicki - GI Joe Retaliation-03-560x840Adrianne-adrianne-palicki-34317686-1857-2419
ADRIANNE PALICKI at G.I. Joe: Retaliation PremiereAdrianne-Palicki-in-G.I.-Joe-Retaliation-2012-Movie-Character-Poster1

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