Unilaterally Sarcastic, Dangerously Cheesy

JJ Abrams Surprises Nobody, Will Not Return for Third ‘Trek’

126600_comiccon _SAW_

When JJ Abrams got the directing gig for Star Wars VII, did anyone think “he’ll surely have time to work on Star Trek as well?” We officially got our answer today when it was reported that the lord of the lens-flare will not return to follow up this year’s Into Darkness. Abrams gave an interview to IGN where he dropped the news;

It definitely feels like the right time to let someone come in and do their own thing. I certainly don’t want someone to come in and try to do what I would have done. We want to hire someone who’s gonna come in and bring their own sensibility. I’m very excited to see what comes next, despite feeling jealous of whoever that person is.

I’m pulling for Brad Bird to step in an do for Trek what he did for Mission : Impossible following Abrams departure from that particular franchise. The connection is already there, people. Just roll with it.

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