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Announcing Pop and Schlock


I’ve been trying to get a podcast off the ground for a while now. I haven’t wanted it to be entirely comics related because I feel that is a narrow focus for a medium that already has so many great options out there in the market. So I’ve gone in a broader direction and today I would like to announce that I will be debuting POP AND SCHLOCK later this fall. The premise of the show is simple, every week myself and my cohost will discuss the latest pop-culture happenings that are weighing on our minds and then we will move on to profile a piece of terrible cinema or TV. Hence, the title.

Episodes should run about forty-five minutes to an hour in length. We’re still toying around with a lot but the groundwork is being laid down and I’m trying to get the word out early in anticipation of the launch episode. Expect more news to be forthcoming but for now you can like the show on Facebook at Facebook.Com/PopAndSchlockOnline or follow us on Twitter under the username “@PopSchlockPod

We hope you enjoy it.

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