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Humphries’ Uncanny X-Force Coming To An Uncanny End

Uncanny-X-Force-BannerSam Humphries made the announcement on his Tumblr page that his run on Uncanny X-Force will be coming to an end with issue number 17 early next year. This comes as sad news to me, who only yesterday started reading the series on the suggestion of my co-worker who praised it as the best X-book on the stands right now. I am currently loving all the x-books and think everyone working on those titles are doing a bang-up job, with major props to Brian Wood and Brian Bendis for revitalizing the line after my own interest had started to flag a little bit.

Uncanny X-Force is indeed every bit as good as my cohort describes. If you aren’t reading it you should definitely give it a read. It has a very distinct voice when coupled with all the other X-books. Humphries instills characters like Psylocke and Storm with a boldness and unique voice that I personally feel they have sorely lacked in the past. Also, anybody who has the good sense to realize that Puck deserves to get some of the spotlight from time to time deserves a whole heap of praise.

Humphries and Garney put together a truly special x-book that I am sad to see go. I wish I would have been able to go along for the ride from the beginning. I’ll follow through with it to the end now, though. I hope I’m not alone.

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