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Dawn of the Trailer of Dawn of the Planet Of The Apes

Rise of the Planet of the Apes was a damn fine film, all Franco aside. This looks like they’re taking things in a crazy dark direction and playing it completely straight once again at the same time which could make for a very interesting sequel indeed.

Marvel Bombshell – Charles Soule Replacing Matt Fraction on INHUMAN

InHuman_Teaser_Big-final2Following up on the news that Inhuman would be getting delayed by months, Bleeding Cool is reporting a major bombshell that Matt Fraction will no longer be writing the title citing “creative and editorial differences.” The book was meant to be a reintroduction of the Inhumans in a big way to the Marvel universe under Fraction’s direction but he has been replaced on the title by writer Charles Soule, who is coming up in a big way at the moment penning books like Superman/Wonder Woman, Letter 44, as well as Marvel’s upcoming She-Hulk # 1.

I don’t want to speculate about what sort of creative decisions may have been made with regard to the series that would have caused Fraction to walk, but I’ll stake my reputation on it being Marvel not wanting to dedicate a six issue arc to Chip Zdarsky’s experiences with the terrigen mists that gave him the power to ink and color his own artwork with lavish strokes of his genitals. [*please note that I do not actually believe this except I sort of do and will not redact it until Chip Zdarsky releases a statement otherwise.]

22 Jump Street Red Band Trailer

21 Jump Street was one of the funniest movies of 2012. They teased a sequel at the end of the film and that sequel now has a red band teaser trailer which I have handily embedded for your viewing pleasure. Let’s hope that it isn’t a colossal waste of time because, lets be honest, it certainly could be.

First Teaser for Chris Nolan’s INTERSTELLAR

Christopher Nolan has built up a tremendous amount of goodwill and the fact that he seems hellbent on making really interesting sci-fi makes me really happy. I don’t know anything about this film based off of the teaser, but I sure as hell wanna see it.

Episode 008 – Wondering About Wonder Woman

In which we discuss Wonder Woman as a cultural icon and what the casting and the internet hate regarding her casting really means…

Official Godzilla Teaser is Here!

I love the original 1954 Gojira. I think it is one of the more biting pieces of reactionary cinema ever made. Years of descending into parody have turned Godzilla into something entirely different from its original form, though I have an affinity for the entire canon regardless of tone. This teaser for Gareth Edwards Godzilla gives the impression of a return to the earliest roots of the character.

Simply put, I am very excited.

Amazing Spider-Man 2 Trailer

I liked the first¬†Amazing Spider-Man¬†quite a bit. Everything I have been seeing about the second installment makes me dubious. This trailer has some high points and some low points but I do think that within the world they are building a lot of what they are doing makes sense. Would I prefer a more classic take on Rhino and Electro? Sure. But I think I’ll give this a shot before I tear it apart.