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I Have No Content Prepared, So Here’s Grace Park In A Bikini

Apparently she’s filming a remake of Hawaii Five-O, which I could care less about. This is the one time I’ve seen Boomer from Battlestar not covered in dirt and grease. [More Images at TheSuperficial]

Spring Break Week – Day Six

I’d just like to take this time to say that I really like Adam Hughes.

Spring Break Week – Day Five

Polaris. [Insert “visible bush” joke here]

Spring Break Week – Day Four

The Black Widow. She sure does have a consistent wardrobe…

Spring Break Week – Day Three

Defeating the purpose of a Brazilian Wax.

Medusa, completely defeating the purpose of a Brazilian wax…

Spring Break Week – Day One

Someone Clean The Pool, It Turned That Lady Green!

I am going to basically take the week off for spring break, but each day I’ll update with pictures of superheroes in bikinis. Because I have integrity.