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My Opinion Matters!

For All Intents and Purposes, This Is Me Today

I’ve been doing this blog for 9 months now. If this were a baby, it’s gestation period would be up and it’d be slowly draining my bank account and keeping me awake at night by now. I didn’t set out for this to be a comedy blog, nor did I set out for it to be a serious one. But I did hope to gain some sort of recognition for the effort I’ve put into this site. Since starting the site I’ve had my reviews quoted at Comic Book Resources and my opinions have seen publication in Wizard magazine’s Shop Talk feature.

Early last week I was interviewed by Examiner.com about the recent changes to Superman and Wonder Woman and today the article went live over on that site. So basically, this is all just a big roundabout way of saying that you should listen to my opinions because someone other than myself thinks they’re valid. So, there you go.

Anyhow, go READ THE ARTICLE so that my ego can continue to grow.

Vacation Time

Hey ya’ll.

I’m leaving town for the week and won’t be updating again probably until next Sunday. Between now and then, if I do update anything it’ll be random snippets that will probably be shameless traffic grabs. You know, hot cosplay photos or other such blatant attempts to snag readers without posting any legitimate content.

I’d ask Ronin to do a game review or something but he can’t be arsed to do much of anything nowadays so you’ll have to settle for what scraps I throw out there.

Until I return…

Get used to stuff like this…

Advertising, I Does It

These flyers will soon be all around Houston comic shops.

Yay Jubilee.

Good News/Bad News : CCQ Bought by NEWSARAMA

Our New Masters

Hey guys, sorry I’ve been MIA for the last few days but it’s been a mixture of personal issues as well as the news I’m about to speak about here regarding the future of the site. As you may have guessed by the giant logo at the beginning of this post as well as the fact that it’s in the title, Comics Con Queso will be heading in a new direction under the banner of one of the premier comic websites on the net, NEWSARAMA.COM.

Apparently, for some reason I can’t fathom, someone over there likes what they’ve seen thus far with my writing and decided that we would be a great fit over on their site, and I’m not going to turn down a steady paycheck to write for an established site just to feed my own ego and operate with a level of autonomy. This way I can get my content to a larger audience without having to pay for the bandwidth or advertising myself. This is really a win/win situation.

I’ve been told that there were many reasons for the buyout of Comics Con Queso, not the least of which is our forum, with four semi-regular posters, that’s double what Newsarama gets in any given month, so it’s obvious why they would want to get those people on board (no pun intended).

So basically what will happen is that this blog will act as an archive, a testament to what I’ve done thus far while the blog will be mixed into the Newsarama weekly schedule, with a week’s worth of content being shoved into a single entry and posted all at once, (probably on a Saturday if what I’ve been told is correct.)

I hope you’ll follow me over there, as I have greatly enjoyed putting this little blog together. Of course my weekly reviews will likely disappear, as they already have a team doing that and I don’t want to step on their toes. But I don’t think I’ll have a problem at all coming up with decent content now that someone is paying me to do so.

Thank you all for your support, and god bless you all.

P.S. If you honestly thought this was real, maybe I do deserve to be getting paid to write elsewhere. As this was all a prank. Your weekly reviews will be online tomorrow. Peace out!

Be Sure To Join The Forum

Today marks the one-week anniversary of our forum opening up shop and we’ve already accrued a healthy roster of people posting on a wide variety of topics.

Please drop by and register, we’d love to have you aboard!

Introducing Our New Contributor, RoninJD

This Man's Ego > Your Shame

My brother has a borderline addiction to videogames. Rather than attempting to cure this, I have put him on staff here at CCQ as our resident gaming blogger. He will update us with his opinions (which he will claim to be facts) on newly released games, and perhaps even the occaisional older game that everyone has forgotten about.

He’s on the forum, so feel free to hassle him about his shit on there. Because that’s how forums work.

We Have A Discussion Forum Now!

The web address ccq-blog.info should now lead you to the forums. My hope is to build a thriving internet community where people can come together and discuss all kinds of different topics, not the least of which being the comic books I detail here on the blog.

Tell your friends! Join today!