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The Great Comics Con Queso Star Wars Expanded Universe Reading Experiment – Entry # 25 : Children of the Jedi

There are very few novels I actively hate. There have been more than a few that I didn’t care for but only a few that I’ve actively hated. I had to read the Twilight novels for a modern fiction study and the only thing I got out of that experience was a disbelief at what sort of book can get best-seller status. Still, I’ll say the unpopular thing here and say that I hated Dan Brown’s The Davinci Code more than I hated Twilight. I know it sounds insane, but it’s true. I didn’t like reading Twilight and I still think it’s a piss poor excuse for a novel, but it didn’t really raise any sort of resonant response with me, and that’s more why I dismiss it as a work of literature.

I had a sort of mixed reaction in reading Children of the Jedi, because it didn’t work for me on a literary level and it frustrated me just due to the contradictory nature of most of its entirety. The timeline is crazy wrong, which normally can be forgiven because it predates the prequel trilogy, but at the same time the author can’t manage to get the continuity from the previous Jedi Academy series which precede the events of this book. She somehow manages to switch up who destroyed the Sun Crusher, and makes some pretty glaring errors with the physiology of Gamorreans. All of this sounds like crazy fanboy ranting but considering the majority of the people who read these books are hardcore fans, I can’t imagine it would do anything for them either.

This review is going to be short because I don’t want to devote anymore time to it than I have because I felt like the whole book was a big black hole. Boring, dull, not very well written, and other negative adjectives.