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First Teaser for Chris Nolan’s INTERSTELLAR

Christopher Nolan has built up a tremendous amount of goodwill and the fact that he seems hellbent on making really interesting sci-fi makes me really happy. I don’t know anything about this film based off of the teaser, but I sure as hell wanna see it.

New Dark Knight Rises Trailer…Rises

This trailer is expected to hit in front ofThe Avengers on Friday but it hit the net unexpectedly this morning. I will say that it gives us some more snippets of what to expect but all in all I’m still pretty blind as to what sort of turn this film is going to take when it finally hits theaters. It hints that Bane really does break the Bat the way he did in Knightfall and that we may be getting a sort of absolute finale for the Batman character when the credits roll. I know Christopher Nolan is an unconventional filmmaker to say the least so I don’t expect a simple resolution. Not by a long shot.


Christian Bale’s creepy beard thing here is destroying my psyche.

First Look at Bane from “The Dark Knight Rises”

Someone has navigated the hells of the official Dark Knight Rises website in order to find this image of Tom Hardy as the villian Bane. It apparently involved some sort of visualizer for the audio file that loads when you load the page.

It’s not very high-res and I’m not sure what I can say about it other than it looks like he’s wearing black and white striped prison pants and that mask looks like something out of Mortal Kombat. But, in Nolan we trust.

You can click to enlarge it a little bit but not by much…

Academy Awards Liveblog – A Day Too Late

So last night on Facebook I liveblogged the Oscars. Here’s the transcript in an attempt to actually post something today.

Zack Snyder Directing New Superman


We’re back everybody, and we return to the news that Zack Snyder has come aboard the new Superman film, which is either great news or horrible news depending on whether or not you think he’s worth a shit as a director. Personally, I think he’s a great visuals guy, kind of like the digital-age Tim Burton, where everything looks amazing but ultimately the content isn’t all that great.

Luckily, Snyder is working off a script from the Nolans, which should be nearly impossible to screw up. With his visuals accompanying what I assume will be a bang-up screenplay, we may actually get a truly unique film version of the man of steel.

He spoke to Deadline earlier and was quotes as saying; ““I’ve been a big fan of the character for a long time, he’s definitely the king of all superheroes, he’s the one. It’s early yet, but I can tell you that what David (Goyer) and Chris (Nolan) have done with the story so far definitely has given me a great insight into a way to make him feel modern. I’ve always felt he was kind of awesome. I’ll finish ‘Sucker Punch’ and get right at it.” Which to me, gives off the impression that no matter what happens this thing isn’t going to feel like the Donner or Singer versions one bit at all. A part of that comes from the fact that according to Snyder, they will not be bringing back Brandon Routh to fill out the cape.

Now comes the part where everyone argues on the internet for two years before the movie even comes out. I’m going to ignore all of it and go watch porn, because fanboy whining is getting old but I never get tired of watching two girls make out in a jacuzzi.

Film Review – Inception

Writing a review of Inception isn’t an easy task. It’s a film that’s complex and layered in ways that a single viewing of the film really isn’t enough to gain concrete perspective on everything the film is, everything the film sets out to be, and everything the film accomplishes. It is one of the most amazingly crafted films I have seen in years and the reason that it is such an amazing product comes from the inabilty of anyone watching it to catagorize it into any one particular niche. It’s very much a science fiction film. Isaac Asimov or Robert Heinlein would have greatly appreciated Inception as a testament to what you can do with the genre. At the same time, it borrows heavily from the Michael Mann heist style neo-noir of Heat with casual effortlessness.

The criss-crossing of established genre boundaries and refusal to hold the audience’s hand makes Inception a sight to behold in a summer of films that aspire to be a whole lot of nothing. I mean, I loved Predators but it was mostly a remake of the original without being a remake. That’s really the bottom line. This summer has been a summer bereft of originality. While there is a bit of familiarity in the style of Inception, and while it owes a great deal to what came before it, it’s a game changer in the way we look at the summer blockbuster in the same way The Matrix was back in ’99. This film is brilliantly taut, it’s an action film that knows how to pace itself and yet deliver on every level at the same time. There is a real element of uncertainty to the film’s narrative because anybody can die at any time and that may not be the end of their life. At what point does the danger of the subconscious cross over into the world of reality? Nolan keeps us on the edge of our seats knowing that death is a possibility for any of these characters. There is a sense of foreboding that follows every character, an intensity that is not often seen in modern cinema. Nolan is the kind of person who would kill of DiCaprio in the middle of a film for the sake of jarring the viewership, and you can feel that as the story progresses.

While the film is visually amazing and outright stunning in certain places, it’s the scriptwork that realy holds it together. The character work and the layered complexity of the dreamscapes and heist plans make for an engaging experience that goes beyond what our eyes are taking in. Not a lot of filmmakers nowadays can pull that sort of craftmanship across the board. Nolan proves himself to be in the caliber of someone like Stanley Kubrick with what he’s given us here. I will say that I think this is a movie that NEEDS to be seen on the big screen. While it’s an amazing story, the visuals cannot be denied. It’s a spectacle. Nolan hasn’t done anything like this before. Everything captured on screen here is a testament to his worldbuilding ability. With all the amazing work that went into all the different elements of Inception, it is going to be a film that people hold in the same regard as 2001 or Blade Runner when they point to good intelligent sci-fi. The resurgence of Sci-Fi as an accepted genre makes me seriously happy. The fact that we get different subsets reaching different audiences without being dismissed as the bastion of nerdfolk gives me hope for the future. That Star Trek and District 9 were so praised and now we get something like Inception shows that sci-fi can be a respected niche again.  It just takes the right steady hand to play in that sandbox.

The Next Batman Movie Is Coming…

I could very well be talking about the fact that the sequel to The Dark Knight now has a July 2012 release date, but I’m actually talking about Batman XXX: A Porn Parody directed by Axel Braun.

Ladies and gentlemen, fuck Christopher Nolan.