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Comic Review – Afterlife With Archie # 1


One of the more interesting of the bunch is Afterlife With Archie, a book that takes our beloved Riverdale gang and drops them into the middle of a macabre horror story, far removed from the malt shop merriment Archie, Jughead, and company are so usually assorted with.

Beginning with a distraught Jughead appearing in the middle of the night at the doorstep of Sabrina the Teenage Witch, begging for mystical assistance in saving his beloved pup Hotdog after a late night run-in with a vehicle (later revealed to be driven by a familiar face to Archie readers). What follows is equal parts Romero and Pet Sematary, with artwork by  Francesco Francavilla all draped in dark black, orange, and purple hues that evoke a very specific, spooky vibe.

Writer Robert Aguirre-Sacasa pulls no punches in giving a story that in no way belongs on the kiddie rack. In an interview with the New York Daily News he explained his ambitions with the story; “It’s a hardcore horror book,” said Aguirre-Sacasa, a Harvey Award-winning writer who melded his personal interests and horror obsessions into influences for the book. “This is why I was meant to do comics.”

If you’ve never read an Archie book, don’t worry, this book reads well as a straightforward horror comic. If you’re a fan of the Archie pantheon however, every page packs an extra punch. As far as Halloween horror comics go, Afterlife With Archie is the one to beat.

Rating: 4/5

Halloween Week – Costume Showcase Day 5

It’s Friday. Time for the final installment of the costume showcase theme. I’ve saved…whatever I had left for last.

Halloween Week – Costume Showcase Day 4

You know the drill by now. I hope.


Halloween Week – Costume Showcase Day 3

Costume showcase continues today. I wish I had something more witty to throw up here as a lead-in but unfortunately I’ve exhausted most of my brainpower just trying to find the pictures.

Oh, Yeah...It's A MarvelNice Cape

Hair Fetishists Love ThisNot Pictured: A Drinking Problem

Hopefully We'll See A Psylocke Resurgance post Uncanny X-ForceSeeing Red

Halloween Week – Costume Showcase Day 2

And the fun continues here with more costumes and whatnot. I’ve spent countless hours trying to find pictures worthy of this event! I deserve your adulation.

They're Who I'd Call If I Had The Courage To Ask For Their Number...

Redheads...Nuff SaidBest Friends

Avada Kadavra!Someone is shipping this now...

Halloween Week – Costume Showcase Day 1

You know what’s this week? Halloween. That’s right. The yearly excuse for ladies to choose a profession and somehow make it sexy for a costume. I’ve been hard at work for my costume, thought it’ll be anything but sexy. Anyhow, in the spirit of the season I’ve decided to showcase some awesome cosplay, which has become a staple of this here blog. Hope you enjoy it!

Ineffective CamoflaugeWardrobe Adjustment

Turnin' Heads

Big Gun![/acdc]Smaller Gun