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Happy Birthday Nathan Fillion

We here at Comics Con Queso are big fans of Firefly. We also think Castle is pretty bitchin’. Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog is a perennial favorite. Slither is so good that it baffles the mind why more people don’t espouse it’s virtues. Heck, I’ll even show a little love for Waitress. Yeah, Keri Russel is adoreable. Totes dorbz, as the folks on Tumblr might say. What do all these have in common? The man to the left is what. Nathan Fillion. God king of handsome nerditry. The man who launched a million shipping blogs hooking him up with every person he has ever co-starred with in every production he has ever been featured in. Nathan “Should-Have-Been-Green-Lantern-Cry-A-Thousand-Angry-Fanboys” Fillion.

Today is his birthday. He shares it with director Quentin Tarantino, Pauley Perrette of NCIS, Brenda Song a.k.a. the hot asian girl from The Social Network, and Fergie a.k.a. “she who desicrates half-time shows with feeble mediocrity.” That is to say, he’s in some fine company today but deserves special attention because he’s just that amazing. If he’s not entertaining everybody with his on-screen antics he’s probably on Twitter, flirting with Joel McHale and thus inspiring another 200 Tumblr posts per minute. He’s a true icon of the geek community and if you don’t like him it’s probably because he stole your girlfriend at the laundromat.

Here are just a few facts about Nathan Fillion that you might not know:

1. He actually ghost wrote all of the scripts for Firefly himself by candlelight in a single weekend locked in a log cabin somewhere in Tennessee.

2. He is technically neither male nor female but actually a new super-gender which procreates simply by winking.

3. He is allergic to all cheeses under a certain shade of yellow.

4. Was approached to play the role of Jesus in The Passion of the Christ but no man dared to even fake causing him physical discomfort during the torture scenes. He remains in the final cut as the voice of God.

5. He doesn’t know the meaning of the word fear because he had it removed from the dictionary.

6. He is Isaiah Mustafa(aka the “Old Spice Guy”)’s life coach.

7. He REALLY likes baby carrots.

8. He sneezes double rainbows.

9. He totally slept with your mom last night.

and finally

10. Once fought Ryan Reynolds to a standstill over the last slice of pizza until he realized that he is powered by nuclear fission and therefore has no need for food.


Happy Birthday, Cap’n Tightpants!

Happy Birthday Annie Cruz

Batman Does Not Wear Effective Clothing, He IS Effective Clothing

We here at Comics Con Queso want to wish a very happy birthday to friend of the site; sexy uber-nerd pornstar Annie Cruz. Annie loves Batman about as much as it is humanly possible and is better at video games than I am. We couldn’t make it out to California to tell her in person, so we’re using the wonders of the internet to give her this tribute.

Happy Birthday Annie!




























You’ll notice I tried to put up photos that emphasized equal parts sexy and nerdy. I feel like that was appropriate. And now here’s a special bonus video of superhero Annie:

For More Annie you can find her on twitter @AnnieFuckinCruz and her official website is Annie-Cruz.com

Happy Birthday To Me

Fixed It For You...

I actually am 24, so this works out well for me…

Happy Birthday Allison Mack


I habitually watched Smallville for about six seasons. I admit that. Shut up, there’s a reason we have the term guilty pleasure. The more ludicrous it got, the more I enjoyed it to be perfectly honest. But the best part about the show (aside from Michael Rosenbaum’s Lex Luthor) was Allison Mack who is friggin’ adoreable. She makes me want to cuddle. Again, shut up. Apparently Chloe will be popping up as a recurring character in the Jimmy Olsen backups of Action Comics, so she certainly made an impression somewhere.

You have no idea how hard it was to make this gif...

Everyone's Favorite Chloe Moment

Anyhow, it’s her birthday today, and we here at CCQ salute her dedication to the show and hope that she finds another recurring gig when the final season is over because we don’t want to not have her on TV every week.