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Marvel Takes A Moment To Make Me Happy


Okay, so according to Bleeding Cool, Marvel is preparing to give Spider-Girl yet another monthly title after cancelling her twice.

Thank you Marvel.

Let me state this emphatically, I love Spider-Girl. I think that the book exemplifies what good serial monthly superhero comic books should be. There is drama but no wangst, there is fun but the plots are not ridiculous nor is anything taken overly serious. It’s just a startling reminder of why the Stan Lee years at Marvel were so damned popular. Let’s face it, Stan’s formula worked and Spider-Girl definately followed in that fine tradition.

There will be some critics who ask why Marvel will give the character another shot when it failed to set sales ablaze in any of her prior incarnations. I would say that it’s because they want to keep the character in the public mindset on the off chance that it can be sold as a cartoon in the vein of Spectacular Spider-Man or Superhero Squad. Marvel seems to be emphasizing a diversification of their properties through other media, especially since entering under the Disney umbrella. It is not out of the realm of possibility for this character to be pushed as the premiere title for that particular audience.

The purpose of this post is simply to do one thing; allow me to ask you to give the first issue a try. It’s a single issue. It’s worth it. And if you like it, try to give the first ARC a full go. Show Marvel that good fun books will garner readers. Or it’ll get cancelled and we’ll get another Dark Avengers book where Venom and Sentry gang-rape Rocket Raccoon.