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Pop and Schlock Podcast – Episode 001


Hey everyone! My co-host Alva joins us for our first true episode where we talk about how the podcast came to be and what our favorite bad movies are. Awkward banter! Low quality audio! All the hallmarks of a classic!


My Opinion Matters!

For All Intents and Purposes, This Is Me Today

I’ve been doing this blog for 9 months now. If this were a baby, it’s gestation period would be up and it’d be slowly draining my bank account and keeping me awake at night by now. I didn’t set out for this to be a comedy blog, nor did I set out for it to be a serious one. But I did hope to gain some sort of recognition for the effort I’ve put into this site. Since starting the site I’ve had my reviews quoted at Comic Book Resources and my opinions have seen publication in Wizard magazine’s Shop Talk feature.

Early last week I was interviewed by Examiner.com about the recent changes to Superman and Wonder Woman and today the article went live over on that site. So basically, this is all just a big roundabout way of saying that you should listen to my opinions because someone other than myself thinks they’re valid. So, there you go.

Anyhow, go READ THE ARTICLE so that my ego can continue to grow.

Happy Birthday To Me

Fixed It For You...

I actually am 24, so this works out well for me…

Hey Guys, Someone Actually Reads This Blog!

Tim Seeley Read This Blog

In another pathetic attempt to claim legitimacy (See also “So, I Got Mentioned In Wizard…“), I must bring to light the fact that writer Tim Seeley, creator of ball-bustingly awesome series Hack/Slash, as well as the author of my favorite book of the week “Colt Noble and the Megalords” somehow found this blog, and my review of his book, and tweeted it.

This does two things.

One, proves that people actually read this blog and don’t find the writing horrible enough to NOT recommend it to others.

Two, makes me weary of insulting creators on the off chance that they might actually read the blog. And the last thing I want to do is make Geoff Johns cry, though it would be fair considering how hard he has made me cry at times. (Jerk…)

So, I Got Mentioned In Wizard…

Wizard Shop Talk

Okay, so that may not mean a whole lot in the grand scheme of things, and it in no way will get hits for this site, (grumble, mutter) but it’s still kind of cool. I mean, I give Wizard a lot of grief for esentially degenerating over the years into a personal ball-tickler for Marvel Comics and a second rate magazine that offers no viable editorials considering its breaking news usually hits stands two months after the details have already hit the web; that much I admit. However, it is sort of a long-standing institution in the comic business, and the fact that when they removed the price guide section everybody raised hell to get it back, knowing that having monthly updates helps both collectors and retailers in more ways than we’d like to admit, shows that it still retains some relevance.

Basically, I’m going to use this as a cheap excuse to claim that my opinion on comic books is somehow valid because it has seen a few lines of print in publication that I didn’t pay for.

So there…