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Amy Adams is Lois Lane

According to reports from the L.A. Times, Oscar nominated actress/certifiable beauty Amy Adams has been cast as Lois Lane opposite Henry Cavill in Zack Snyder’s upcoming Superman film. This is such a step up from Kate Bosworth in Superman Returns that it almost defies the ability to write a coherant blog post about it. The fact of the matter is that no matter what you think of Snyder as a director, and the internet has been a veritable mosh pit of differing opinions following the opening of Sucker Punch, the pedigree of the cast is nothing less than stellar with Cavill, whose work in The Tudors is quite good, and previously reported Kevin Costner as Pa Kent and now Amy Adams on board as well. If by some miracle we get Viggo Mortenson on board as well, which has been speculated with rampant fury as of late, we may see the most well assembled Superman production of our time.

Just about every Superman iteration thus far has had something that worked well for it. Christopher Reeve was superb as the Man of Steel. In the 90’s, Teri Hatcher was a fabulous Lois Lane and the chemistry between her and Dean Cain was what kept that show afloat. Smallville has its moments, most of which revolve around Michael Rosenbaum, Allison Mack, John Glover, and, in a pinch, Erica Durance. Snyder’s film has an amazing cast, a treatment from the Nolan’s and the directive from everyone not to be a black hole of awful proportions. We could very well get something worthy of Superman hitting the big screen once again in 2012.

Look Kids, More Comic Book Bondage!

Yeah, it’s that time again…


More WW

Dakota North


Superman Knows The Deal

I'm betting this sold more copies than it should have...

Catwoman ftw

Russians <3 bondage

Lady Bondage

Fishnets + Bondage = Win

You Know, There Sure Is A Lot of Bondage In Comics

Gen13 Roxy Bondage

Brave and the Bold (and the Bondage)

She Looks Comfortable

Action Comics

Spider-Woman...insert web joke

World's Finest...bondage

Lois Lane...kinda digs it

Lois Lane...is also a domme

Archie is watching from across the street


Canary Cries...for more bondage

Huntress is into Suspension Bondage

Viper Is Color Coordinated

Gen 13 Bondage on the Cover

America's Best (Bondage) Comics

Gotham City Bondage


You see? And I did it without going to the “Wonder Woman well.” I imagine if I did this entry would have over 15,000 images, and I imagine that would be the number of page views as well.