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Back around the year 2000 I started seeing advertisements for the film Hannibal that would shortly be making its way to theaters. I was interested even though I had never seen Silence of the Lambs and found myself wanting to know more. This was in the beginning of my “annoying film nerd” phase and so I found copies of both Silence of the Lambs and Manhunter, the adaptation of Red Dragon directed by Michael Mann and got myself good and juiced for the new film.  I found many things to like about both of those films and so I did too with Hannibal, though I admit the overall product was lacking. I loved the music so much I bought the soundtrack. Ridley Scott did a good job adapting the novel for the most part, although the novel wasn’t all too great to begin with. I can say that this little period in my life inspired a trip down the rabbit hole of the psycho/manhunt subgenre. I found Henry : Portrait of a Serial Killer because of my searches. I give Hannibal Lecter a great deal of credit for pushing me toward other works of unsettling fiction and film.

So with this upcoming TV show I have to wonder how well it will perform. There has been something worthwhile about all the Hannibal adaptations thus far, aside from that horrid prequel that came out a few years back. But in a world where we have shows like Dexter, how much can this particular iteration of the cannibal doctor hold the public interest? Especially on network TV and not on a cable platform like Showtime, or even on FX or AMC.

These are questions the trailer does not answer. But watch for yourself and be the judge.

Wonder Woman Pilot Picked Up By NBC *UPDATE* Nevermind, It Really Wasn’t.

It would appear that since this article was published NBC decided not to pick up the series after all. Which actually makes more sense considering the negative buzz coming out of the screenings of the pilot. I’m not all too bummed about this because it gives a frame of reference for what the producers were doing that fans were not enjoying and they can fix those when they decide it might be easier just to do a standalone film. Thor opening big might make them realize that mythology based heroes can work on the big screen as long as they handle the material correctly.

We can only hope…


In a move that allowed Wonder Woman fans to breathe a sigh of relief following news that the pilot was not tracking all too well for a fall pick up by NBC, the news was released today that David E. Kelley’s Harry’s Law would be renewed for a second season and Wonder Woman had indeed been picked up for a series as well. This comes on the heels of news that Fox had cancelled their own comic-adaptation series of Human Target and failed to give the green light to an adaptation of Locke and Key which by all accounts was damn brilliant and fans are praying to whatever deity that will listen to have some other network pick it up.

With Smallville ending this week I am hoping that Wonder Woman can pick up the slack in the laughibly ludicrous TV comic book adaptation genre. Everything I’ve seen has me thinking that it’s going to be entertaining on a “what the?” level due to the conflicting tone and overall silliness that is going on in the scripts. I could be wrong but having honed my ability to avoid trainwrecks simply by the cut of their trailer I do not anticipate Wonder Woman being something I will enjoy on any sort of straightforward level. Ironically? Perhaps. But I don’t want to be accused of being a hipster.

We Have A Wonder Woman And She’s Taller Than I Am So That’s A Pretty Good Start I Guess…

So we have a Wonder Woman. Adrianne Palicki (which is a last name sure to invite nerd-drooling innuendo for the foreseeable future) has been reportedly cast as the Amazonian princess in David Kelley’s adaptation of Wonder Woman set to air on NBC. Palicki stands at 5’11” and has the build necessary to pull off the character believably though she’s going to have to spend some time with a dye pack to get her hair to the jet-black sheen we’re used to seeing with Wonder Woman. All that truly is in question right now is how well she will be able to portray the character. I do not have any real idea of how well she can play the part as I honestly haven’t seen her in anything live-action, my only experience with her in any form is from her voice work in bits on Robot Chicken and Titan Maximum. Apparently she was in an episode of Smallville once upon a time but nothing about that show really left much of an impression on me other than how badly I want to make out with Allison Mack, because let’s face it, that woman is amazing.

So now we have our Wonder Woman, and the vocal Wondy fans will likely spend the next few months complaining about it as I’ve learned that Wonder Woman fans are 90% psychotic. Their obsession with the minutia of her character is unparalleled and this is equally insane due to the fact that Wonder Woman has to be the least consistent character in the DC universe, paling only in comparison to Donna Troy who herself is part of the Wonder Woman continuity clusterfuck. I’m not saying I don’t like the character, as I’ve got a pretty much a full run of her issues from the moment George Perez took over following the first Crisis through Rucka’s run up through Simone’s and even currently through this current JMS debacle but I’ll be damned if I ever met a Wonder Woman fan who didn’t make me raise my eyebrows and inch for the door just ever so slightly.

In Case You Were Wondering…


I know it’s completely off topic and random almost to the point of absurdity, but I feel like sometimes you have to take a stand for what you believe in. I’m a brave man, really, if you think about it. [/sarcasm]