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Earlier today the New York post apparently gave away a major plot point for Batman Incorporated # 8, continuing an ongoing trend of periodicals spoiling comic books for people who have access to the internet or social media. I don’t get my books until the end of the month most of the time, let alone the day they come out, so I have to work pretty hard to avoid spoilers sometimes. Most sites, like this one, won’t reveal the spoiler in the headline or even in the first few sentences. We’ll give you time to duck for cover, as it were. Some folks on Twitter aren’t so considerate and links proclaiming the spoiler popped up in my feed this morning and immediately raised my ire.

What this has drudged up in me is an inner turmoil that I find hard to put into any sort of perspective. On one hand I know that major news sources like the New York Post reporting on stories in the comic community is good for the industry. It means that there is a cultural awareness that reaches outside the usual circles of Tumblr fanatics and comic-shop fanboys. It gives the feeling that the medium is as much a part of the national zeitgeist as other nerd-chic entities like Game of Thrones or Dexter. There is a water-cooler element to it that I can appreciate.

However, the manner in which these stories break is starting to wear on my last nerve. I worked in a shop at the time Captain America # 25  hit the stands. I was driving into work when an obnoxious tool on the radio spoiled the news of Cap’s death while I was pulling up to the store. There was a line of people outside waiting to get a copy. It was utter madness. I still regret not being able to be surprised by the ending of that particular issue. I try to go in clean and with no expectations when I can, wherever possible.

With major storylines in the comic book medium, it is beginning to look as if that is a total impossibility. I’m not going to reveal the spoiler here because I figure if you want that sort of thing you can look elsewhere. Hell, you’ve probably already read it for yourself anyway.