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Avatar to get the Porno Spoof Treatment

I guess that's why they call it the blues...

That didn’t take long.

It seems that Hustler is gearing up to make a pornographic parody of the recent smash hit “Avatar” sometime in 2010. We probably should have seen this coming considering that the porno industry seems to be living off of nothing but parodies and spoofs as far as the DVD market goes. 30 Rock, The Cosby Show, Scrubs, Batman and Jersey Shore all have their penetration-heavy parodies on shelves  or are coming shortly, to say nothing of slew of Sarah Palin related pun-heavy pornos that sprang up during the election season.

Not sure what kind of budget the porno is operating on, but I doubt it’ll live up to Cameron’s vision. That having been said, this sonofoabitch better be in 3D or I’m not buying.