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HBO Debuts Trailer for TRUE DETECTIVE

It should come as zero surprise to anyone that I’m a fan of crime dramas. I would give my left testicle to see Ed Brubaker’s CRIMINAL adapted into a TV series. The Wire is one of my favorite TV shows of all time. This latest offering from HBO looks like The Wire spun through the lens of a darker, scarier backwoods element and with a cast that makes me wonder if there is any end to this consistently amazing golden age of scripted television. I seriously cannot wait for this to debut. I’ll have to soak up Boardwalk Empire in the meantime to soothe my impatience.


Back around the year 2000 I started seeing advertisements for the film Hannibal that would shortly be making its way to theaters. I was interested even though I had never seen Silence of the Lambs and found myself wanting to know more. This was in the beginning of my “annoying film nerd” phase and so I found copies of both Silence of the Lambs and Manhunter, the adaptation of Red Dragon directed by Michael Mann and got myself good and juiced for the new film.  I found many things to like about both of those films and so I did too with Hannibal, though I admit the overall product was lacking. I loved the music so much I bought the soundtrack. Ridley Scott did a good job adapting the novel for the most part, although the novel wasn’t all too great to begin with. I can say that this little period in my life inspired a trip down the rabbit hole of the psycho/manhunt subgenre. I found Henry : Portrait of a Serial Killer because of my searches. I give Hannibal Lecter a great deal of credit for pushing me toward other works of unsettling fiction and film.

So with this upcoming TV show I have to wonder how well it will perform. There has been something worthwhile about all the Hannibal adaptations thus far, aside from that horrid prequel that came out a few years back. But in a world where we have shows like Dexter, how much can this particular iteration of the cannibal doctor hold the public interest? Especially on network TV and not on a cable platform like Showtime, or even on FX or AMC.

These are questions the trailer does not answer. But watch for yourself and be the judge.

About That Wonder Woman Costume

So that happened…

Anybody who knows me probably knows how I feel about Wonder Woman as a property. I believe that it is one of the most damaged brands in the comics world as it stands right now and it’s mostly the fault of the fans.

There, I said it.

Never has there been a fanbase, that I can think of anyway, that is so divided and prone to bickering as with Wonder Woman. That’s saying something considering the sort of esteem I hold Batman fans in. Those guys are sane and reasonable compared to fans of Ms. Prince. The problem is that seemingly every fan of Wonder Woman became a fan at a different point in her development, thereby attaching themselves to a depiction of the character as it was at one point and then getting offended with every subsequent change to her convoluted continuity. This happens every other month it seems.

I am a fan of Wonder Woman in theory. I think she has the potential for amazing stories, as evidenced by the fact that there are some amazing runs on her title that are prime examples of what can be done with a strong female character in the comics medium. Greg Rucka is probably my favorite Wonder Woman writer (all due respect to Gail Simone and George Perez) and I know there are people who agree with me. There are also people who refuse to accept anything not written by George Perez. There are also people who would probably spit in JMS’ face for what he did during his stint. The different factions tend to be at odds over Wonder Woman’s character on a base level. It’s a testament to the character that such detailed discussion can be held on a level that allows for such dissection of the essence of what defines her beyond costume or continuity. It’s a far cry from the discussions of Batman where people mostly seem to argue over whether or not he needs a yellow oval. Batman draws from a very basic premise for his establishment; the death of his parents. Wonder Woman has the Greek mythology aspect as well as the American diplomat angle among others and nobody can quite agree what defines Wonder Woman at her core.

So now we come to the new TV show where we get the costume pictured to the left. It’s not horrible. It looks a little cheap, like it was bought from a Halloween costume shop for a theme party, but it’s recognizable as a Wonder Woman costume. The only nitpick I have is that the boots need to be red to break up the color scheme a bit.

Adrianne Palicki looks a bit awkward in the suit but from what I’ve gathered that may because it’s a photoshop manipulation of a prototype. The shots of her in civilian clothes have her looking far more comfortable and at ease, whereas here she looks a bit stiff and unsure of what sort of look she needs to project. That and the red lipstick is a bit overpowering.

My point here is to appeal to Wonder Woman fans by saying that this new version may very well be the definitive version for some young fan who is introduced to the character through the show. Don’t cut it down because it doesn’t fit your mold. Be glad that they’re getting anything right at all, as it’s more than can be said for some comic adaptations and at least with TV there’s a lot more room for evolution than if it were a standalone film. There will be growing pains, but all TV shows grow if they expect to survive. I think this one will, if only because Smallville has lasted ten seasons and that show is more offensive to continuity than anything I’ve seen for this project. That’s enough for me.

Liveblogging – LOST Premiere

8:00 – WOOHOO! A recap following the one-hour recap I just watched…

8:02 – I’m on a plane!  (feat. T-Pain and Jack Shephard)

8:05 – Desmond is my constant.

8:06 –  The Island is underwater…and you would think they could afford better CGI…

8:07 – Commercial break. Gonna run and grab some muh-fuhn cake!

8:08 – I wanna bang this chick in the cold sore commercial…

8:09 – Steve Martin can’t dance.

8:09 – Jack set us up the bomb.

8:10- Aaaaaaand Kate’s in a tree.

8:12 – AAHHHH!!!! VIET-CONG! Oh, nope, just Miles.

8:13 – Another Jack. Aaaaaaaaand, now it feels like Lost.

8:13 – Boot to the head! THWAP!!!

8:14 – Alternate divergent timelines, I guess. CRISIS ON INFINITE ISLANDS!!!

8:16 – LOST fact : Hurley likes chicken…

8:18 – OMFG! Juliet is the little boy in the well!!!

8:19 – Sayid understands the worth of a good dying soliloquy.

8:19 – Jacob shows up. Time for a commercial break.

8:22 – YES! The return of asshole businessman Jin! GO MYSOGYNY!

8:24 – Locke = AWESOME liar.

8:25 – And there’s Locke who isn’t Locke with stab-happy Ben!

8:27 – Man, that trailer for Cop Out does not inspire confidence.

8:31 – I hope she’s all smushed and they turn her into Lost’s own Captain Pike. *beep* *beepbeep*

8:32 – Pensive Jacob is Pensive.


8:36 – Oh, Charlie and his heroin…


8:40 – So did they just watch the OD scene from Pulp Fiction and go…YEAH LETS DO THAT!

8:41 – HE’S ALIIIIIIVE!!!!!

8:42 – Well, she’s good and smushed.

8:45 – Evil Locke is evil…also he hides like he’s motherfucking Batman.

8:46 – Ooooh! Big scary monster.

8:48 – OH SNAP! THE MONSTER IS IN LOCKE! *brainsplode*

8:53 – Spoiler, Juliet becomes Professor X.

8:54 – “I have something important to tell you…the key to the island…is in  the castle arrrgggghhhhhhhhh….”

8:55 – Sawyer : This is my serious face.

8:55 – Quick note, I want to bang hot Australian stewardess.

8:56 – And for the first time in LOST history, a plane lands successfully.

8:59 – I wonder how much more story they could fit in if they’d cut out all this slowmo…

9:00 – Part One down, more mindfucks to follow…

9:04 – And we’re back…

9:05 – *crosses fingers* Guitarcase full of guns…guitarcase full of guns…guitarcase full of guns.

9:06  – Missing Coffin. It’s like the Hangover, except with Jack’s dead daddy.

9:07 – Legends of the Hidden Temple anybody?

9:08 – Just saw how many hits I’ve gotten for this liveblog, I’m gonna have to do this every week! BWAHHAHAHA!

9:10 – Wicked awesome uniforms, bro.

9:12 – My cat just left the room, she’s had it with this shit.

9:14 – Hello Monica Baccarin, I want to lick your face.

9:16 – Evangeline Lilly is seriously enabling my handcuff fetish…

9:17 – Oh, I see what you did there…

9:18 – Sawyer needs a grief counselor. Badly.

9:20 – HOT STEWARDESS! Awesome.

9:22 – Okay…so, confused again.

9:22 – A giant wooden fortune cookie?

9:23 – ROLE CALL!!!

9:26 – Miss Piggy has jungle fever.

9:30 – Ha ha! Silly foreigners…

9:31 – Blood sacrifice KALI MA! KALI MA!

9:32 – Let’s play Baptize the Iraqi!

9:33 – Wicked kung-fu, bro.

9:35 – If they do bring Sayid back at this point, that mofo is basically Rasputin.

9:38 – I would do naughty, naughty things to Courtney Cox. And I would make David Arquette watch every minute. *evil laugh*

9:40 – One Sayid is dead, but the other is still on the prowl for some ‘tang!

9:41 – Kate totally stole that move from Casino Royale.

9:43 – Rocks. Sawyer’s kryptonite.

9:44 – Hurley has awesome deductive powers.

9:45 – To be fair, I’d be afraid of evil smoke-monster Locke too.

9:48 – The villain is monologuing. *dum dum dum*

9:50 – Man, I am so tired of seeing Luke Wilson during my commercial breaks.

9:53 – Locke needs to stop being so goddamn philosophical. That shit’ll get you killed…OH WAIT!

9:57 – Richard just got knocked the fuck out!

9:58 – RASPUTIN LIVES! *headsplode!*

Okay, so the premiere is finished. We’re off to a good start. They have so many options as to where they can go with what they’ve set themselves up with.